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Angela Swanson

Mixed Media/Acrylic Artist

Sweet Papaya Arts and Adret Artist Collective

Studio # 6

814 SE 357th Ave, Washougal, WA 98671, USA

Artist Statment

I don't create art, art creates me!

My work is an extension of my spirit and a reflection of my authentic self. I beleive that art has the power to connect people across cultures, time, and space and that the act of creating allows me to explore and cultivate emotions in a way that few other experiences can. I approach my practice with an experimental mindset, constantly pushing the boundaries of my craft through a variety of media and techniques. My work embraces a holistic view of life, and through my use of colors, strokes, and textures, I strive to tell stories that reflect the depth and complexity of the human experience.

Whether it's through my physical or online exhibits and galleries, I hope that my work inspires others to connect with their own creativity and find joy in my art and the act of creation.

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