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Sandy Moore

Fiber Artist

Sandy Moore Arts


2200 44th St, Washougal, Washington, USA

Artist Statement

I am a fabric & mixed media collage artist. Fabric has always had special meaning for me. When I hold fabric in my hand, I remember some of the earliest dresses my mom made for me, the sweaters my grandmother carefully designed on graph paper then knit, and the love that went into all of them. Working with fabric connects me to all the generations of women who went before. 

Using commercial and hand-dyed fabric, inks, paints, pens, colored pencils, and free-motion stitching, I create playful loose colorful layers. My subjects all come from the heart; seascapes with families at play, bright whimsical flowers and women of all ages. I'm about having fun, expressing feelings, and telling stories. 


My wife Holli works with fabric reproductions of my original collages to hand sew beautiful functional items; tote bags, throw pillows, tea towels, pot holders and coasters. It is a happy collaboration!

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